Mary Amelia Women’s Center

143 S Liberty, TW 19, New Orleans, LA 70112
504-988-6269 (phone) 504-988-4657 (fax)

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  • Adrienne Warren - Senior Program Coordinator
  • Christy Ross - Asst Director

Geographic Service Area

  • New Orleans

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The Mary Amelia Health Education Center seeks to enhance women’s health and well-being through our work in community capacity building; leadership development, health education, advocacy and research. The Mary Amelia Center serves as a comprehensive, community-oriented health education center by providing health education programs that are culturally, geographically, and age appropriate. As a center that values being responsive to the community, we recognize that providing health information is only a small part of fostering healthy individuals and communities. Our ecological approach to health promotion focuses on sharing, building and empowering. Sharing evidence-based health information, expertise and experience. Helping others to share their experiences and learn from each other. Building capacity of individuals to find and use health information. Building capacity of community organizations to identify priorities and develop effective strategies to improve health. Empowering women to be agents of change for themselves and their communities.

Capacity Building Areas for Individuals and Organizations

Project Design and Management, Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, Developing and Managing Partnerships

Wellness Talk Topics

Each talk is 45-60 minutes and most often includes print materials for participants to take home. For more information about these talks, or if you would like a talk on a topic not listed here, please contact us. Topics include but are not limited to: Stress, Health and Coping, Diabetes and Your Family, Cardiovascular Disease/Hypertension/ Stroke, and Breastfeeding.