Community Works of Louisiana

615 Baronne St., 201, New Orleans, LA 70113
504-522-2667 (phone) 504-523-6476 (fax)

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  • Chandler Nutik - Project Manager

Geographic Service Area

  • Louisiana

This resource also serves the following areas:

1. Schaumburg Elementary
2. Coghill Elementary
3. Habans Elementary
4. International School of Louisiana

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: Community Works of Louisiana, Inc. (CWLA) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that seeks to support, promote, and advance education for the benefit of youth in Louisiana. Since February 2009, CWLA has offered comprehensive program management and instructor placement for enrichment-integrated extended learning programs throughout the Greater New Orleans Area. CWLA has a network of over 200 passionate and motivated instructors eager to share their talents and facilitate a unique learning experience for Louisiana students. Our programs and instructors offer students access to exciting classes like animation, gardening, film, dance, guitar, and much more. Every class has an underlying focus on Math and ELA skills to support our students' academic achievement. Everything CWLA does is rooted in the belief that extended learning opportunities like afterschool and summer programs are most impactful when they look and feel different then the regular school day. For example, our enrichment instructors help your students master numeracy through dance and literacy through writing film scripts. In our programs, the students are constantly engaged in activities that reinforce what they learn during the school day, yet they are having too much fun to even realize it.