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Media Advocates for Prevention

Media Advocates for Prevention (MAP) is a CDC-funded intervention where youth peer advocates use media development, community outreach, and peer education to promote HIV risk reduction and testing among New Orleans youth of color. They are trained to use media to educated their peers about risks associated with HIV as well as the importance of practicing safer sex and getting tested. MAP is an adaptation of the Community Promise intervention, an evidence based CDC-approved curriculum. The youth peer advocates create role model stories using different forms of media (such as print, audio, and film) to convey what they have learned and share it with other youth in the community.

Focus on Youth

Focus on Youth with ImPACT (FOY+ImPACT) is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funded 8-session small group education program that works with youth ages 12-15 to help them develop the skills and knowledge needed to protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The program emphasizes decision-making, goal and value setting, communication, negotiation, and healthy relationships. This program includes an ImPACT session for parents/guardians to support them in talking to their youth about HIV prevention and safer sex practices. FOY+ImPACT uses games, discussions, videos, and other interactive tools to provide youth with information on abstinence and safer sex, HIV and STIs, teen pregnancy, contraception, and human development. The program works with existing friendship groups of youth that know each other and are already comfortable with each other so that the groups can have more open and meaningful discussions about these issues. For more information on the FOY+ImPACT program or if you know of any friendship groups that would be interested in participating, please contact Jennifer Glick, Program Manager, at or Melanie Powers, Program Coordinator, at

Making Proud Choices MPC!NOLA!

MPC!-NOLA! (Making Proud Choices!-New Orleans, LA) is a teenage pregnancy and HIV/STI prevention initiative funded by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Adolescent Health. This intervention serves African American and Latino youth ages 11-13 in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, providing appropriate and effective teen pregnancy prevention practices. MPC!-NOLA involves collaboration between IWES and other community organizations in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes that are committed to the empowerment of our youth. The goal of MPC!-NOLA is to empower adolescents to change their behavior by providing them with the knowledge, confidence, and skills necessary to reduce their risk for pregnancy and HIV/STIs.

Teen Outreach Program™ (TOP)

The Women's Teen Outreach Program™ (TOP) is a nationally recognized youth development program that has been proven to foster academic success and prevent teen pregnancy. TOP™ is an evidence-based program that engages teens between the ages of 12-18 in curriculum guided discussion and community service throughout the school year. TOP™ follows a basic approach that has been shown to achieve results for teens. The three components of TOP™ include: (1) Educational Peer Group Meetings; (2) Community Service Learning; and (3) Positive Adult Guidance and Support. The goals of TOP™ are to develop life skills, healthy behaviors, and a sense of purpose- ultimately preparing teens for successful adulthood. TOP™ participants meet at least once per week for nine months to receive the Changing Scenes curriculum from a trained IWES facilitator. The facilitator is someone who is sensitive to the feelings and needs of the teens and creates a social environment that is emotionally supportive and safe. TOP™ participants are required to complete at least 20 community service hours (generally 10 hours per semester). Moreover, teens have a choice and input in selecting their community service work. Wyman’s TOP™ has demonstrated effectiveness and outcomes that have resulted in a 53% reduction in teen pregnancy rates, 52% reduction in school suspension rates, 60% reduction in course failure rates, and 60% reduction in school dropout rates.

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